Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I see that you are based in San Diego. Do you do destination weddings in any other areas as well, and if so then what would the charge be?

A:  Yes. We are available for travel to all 50 states and also out of the country. The only additional charge for destination weddings would be airfare.

Q:  Do you have a studio?

A:  We do not have a studio but we have lighting equipment and props that we can bring to your location.  We prefer to shoot on location because it provides better opportunites to utilize natural lighting and different outdoor settings.  For boudoir photo shoots we find that most people are most comfortable in their homes and feel more at ease when they are in familiar surroundings.

Q:  Do you shoot real estate photography? What is the cost for that service?

A:  Yes we do.  Pricing varies depending on the number of rooms and square footage of the property. We will provide a quote once we have all of this information.

Q:  I am planning a boudoir shoot. What tips can you give me for my shoot?

A:  There are a few things you can do to make sure your shoot is a success. First, do not wear any restrictive clothing on the day of your shoot. This includes bras, underwear, tight jeans, or anything else that will leave impressions on your skin. Second, if you are doing your own make-up, put on foundation layer first and then go heavier that usual on the eye shadow, lipstick, and blush. We will remove any blemishes during the editing process but it will save us a lot of time if they are already covered up. Third, if you are going to tan prior to your session, then make sure you get a nice even tan all over your body and don’t forget your bikini lines. And lastly, during the shoot it is important to relax. If you feel tense, then it will show on your face during the shoot and your pictures will not look natural. If you want to look sexy on camera, then you have to feel sexy during the shoot. It makes a difference!

Q:  What time of day is the best time for a photo session outdoors?

A:  1 to 1.5 hours before sunset is what photographers refer to as the magic hour because of its excellent lighting.

Q: I am shooting a family portrait. What should we wear?

A: The answer is: Anything you want! They are your pictures so feel free to wear whatever you would like to see yourself in. We would recommend avoiding bright colors or articles of clothing with patterns or stripes as they may district from the subject of the portrait (You). All family members do not need to wear the same thing but in general you should try to wear similar colors or styles to keep the aesthetic of the photos pleasing to the eye.