About Us

Memories may fade but photographs last for a lifetime…


Graciela and Gian are a husband and wife team that have been married since 1999. Some of our favorite things to do together are traveling the world, going to the movies, attending concerts and sporting events, enjoying great food, and of course photography. Graciela is originally from Lima, Peru and speaks Spanish fluently while Gian is a San Diego native who grew up in Coronado.  We currently reside in Chula Vista and are available for photo shoots, weddings, parties, or any other events throughout the County of San Diego.

We believe that there is no such thing as a “better” style of photography. Every person sees a photograph differently so while one person may look at a picture and say that it is not very good, another person may see the same picture and be amazed by it. Whether it be traditional posed portraiture, or a more modern photojournalist style, we cater to our client’s requests when deciding which types of images to capture. If you don’t see something you are looking for in our portfolio section, just ask and we will most likely be able to accommodate your request. We strive to please all of our clients 100% of the time. Capturing those specials moments in your life and preserving them forever in photographs is what gives us the greatest joy from our work. Let us be there for you to capture all of those special moments so that you can remember and share them with friends and family for the rest of your life.

Best Wishes,
Graciela & Gian


Para nuestros amigos latinos:

Cada evento en nuestras vidas es especial, un recien nacido, las quince primaveras, la graduación de la escuela, de la universidad, el compromiso, la boda, las bodas de plata y las de oro…momentos en familia que queremos compartir con las futuras generaciones.

Déjenos capturar esos momentos especiales  y nosotros conservaremos esos momentos en bellas fotografias  que podrá compartir con sus amigos y familiares por siempre…


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